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Real estate companies how to spread to the building materials industry contrarian bathroom grab market
      The real estate downturn, home building materials industry has been affected, increasingly weak market performance. For sanitary industry, 2015 has been able to survive is not easy, in the face impending 2016, sanitary enterprises can not afford to leave things to chance. Currently, the economy growing downward pressure, some of the bathroom brand began to shrink the battlefield, and strive to protect themselves, but not blindly abandoned the vehicle and insurance handsome good policy, under winter, bathroom companies have to take the initiative to grab the market.
      Prevent capital strand breaks to avoid blind expansion
      Over the past 2015 years, the sanitary industry staged a running, tumbled, banks and many other sensational hosting big events industry, behind these events is actually a lot of fast-growing companies in the past have caused debt. In the bathroom industry by borrowing capital to develop brand a few, when the fast-growing market, as well as to pay off this loan may, once encountered the current economic environment, many times corporate earnings with interest the bank can not afford this it is very likely to cause brand funds strand breaks, even if the market share of this business is very good, but brought the credit crisis will cause the suppliers can not supply, dealers can not advance the money comes in, in both under attack, the body of the brand reputation in the past, also took a plunge.
      For sanitary brands, long accustomed renovation subsidies and a variety of preferential policies to attract dealers to join their own brand, according to the policy really honored, find dealers profit contribution far unable to subsidize renovation subsidies and other special policies, over time it causes brand funds are constantly being eroded, it can be said, a lot of the brand is bad in their blind expansion channel business model, in good times, there have been new dealers to supplement, when in a bad environment, new customers could not come old customer delivery and up the mountain, the back section of funds set goals never come back, the cost of one minute and no less, funding problems is a very natural thing.
      Build online network channels to enhance brand competitiveness
      For sanitary brand, good economic environment, often full of tremendous opportunity, because this environment is not good for all brands are applicable, those usually internal strength is not strong, the market is rocking the brand in this round of competition is likely toHe was eliminated, and this bathroom brand a few, they will be left to the market space has been carved up by the survival of the bathroom brand, in constant competition, low attention category bathroom features will change.
      With 80,90 large percentage of new consumer groups to enhance their platforms on the Internet and give more special attention, in this case, how to build a competitive brand is very important, in general, is currently doing good brand, most take two roads, one is the way to channel the growth of the line, the other one is online network channels, but many bathroom brand or install a third-party organizations are building brands, services and housekeeper, etc., in the planning of jiumu , we should do light housekeeping jiumu 3000. Wrigley upcoming on home services platform, as well as online line recently installed a converged platform, three rabbits, future bathroom brand competition, will compete for customers resources, mere promotional activities, marketing is being coalition haggling and community more and more useless.
Implementing partner system master craftsmen resources
      In the case of 80,90 reluctant to engage craftsmen, artisans resources become scarce resources, therefore, who mastered the craftsmen resources will come from the customer recently, to gain a competitive advantage is a very natural thing. For 80 and 90 later said, workers are not working, work is a manifestation of self-worth, in this case, the bathroom brand partner system is particularly important.
      A successful bathroom brand, employees should shape from workers to become their own dry, so the more necessary for the core staff, according to certain ratios shares, the shares and options of organic combination, in the new normal economy, employees than any other capital more important, their passion decide the future of the brand, all the chips in the era, each person must use their own resources to seize the customers, while they also enjoy timely profit-sharing, most importantly, in the process, make management transparent, transparent basis to raise not only the public, and guidelines lamp is hard-working staff, everyone good and bad are transparent, so, well there is a sense of accomplishment, doing a good job and no excuse at all, can better spur their efforts.
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