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Three cold sanitary industry: overcapacity, rising costs, the market downturn
      In recent years, affected by the economic downturn, overcapacity, rising costs, the market downturn of the three converging Status cold swept the entire sanitary industry, the added value is not high, less competitive if not three or four lines to seize the last line bathroom brands life would run away. Right now, the market situation has become more severe, the four-tier brands can not do frog in warm water, it is time to take some measures to improve the capacity and level of their own to deal with the market, and then later it was too late.
Stabilize the core key customers
      Core key customers refers to corporate profits and the development of important strategic significance of the kind of customers. Key customers bear a large number of sales, the company's main profit contributor, market contraction phase, three or four lines from the bathroom brand to develop long term strategic direction, pay attention to the core of key customers, key customers and core implement strategic alliances, to stabilize the core key customers, to prevent the core focus of customer churn.
      Optimizing the internal organizational structure of the internal organizational structure Many bathroom companies poorly designed or long tangled signature from the grassroots to the file you want to experience seventy-eight issued over one week leading up to the signing of a long process, inefficient organizational structure will compete in the future at a disadvantage. Three or four lines from the sanitary ware brand performance evaluation and incentives to start, retain talented employees, employees dismissed fish in troubled waters. Some employees it will engage in relationships, but with the general performance of the boss and the boss a good relationship with the bathroom, can sit tight in Taishan, many of these employees enterprise. But some excellent staff to engage in corporate politics are not good, do good performance, but do not like flattery, leadership is not very fond of, so why sanitary enterprises are mostly general loss of talented employees is the truth.

Optimize product inventory structure
      Four-tier brands to the bathroom, under market pressure, easier to move forward, the probability of survival will be larger. There are many sales executives only concerned sales, never focus on business inventory ratio, desperately want to stock, not inventory optimization, sales did not greatly improved, inventories have continued to rise, finally Paipaipigu quit, harm the business harm his boss also took over as the new boss harm. Sanitary industry often do a phenomenon is a boss for many years, and back to New CEOs do not long time, this is because the brand had been "ill" the.
     In 2016, the economic situation will be more severe, or three or four line bathroom brands if immediate action, may be able to seize the last chance of survival, if you have not realized the seriousness of the issue, until the big brand hand, can only be washed away a.
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